Currently, I'm working with sweetgreen, a fast casual restaurant with a mission to build healthier communities. I'm focused on well-designed digital products and services that can scale the connection of real food to people.

Most recently, I was a product designer at Transfix, a company that’s working on new ways to move things across the country, like ice cold beer and fresh berries. At Transfix, I started a design system, led product strategy with an engineering team, and created a fresh, user-friendly mobile app for our truck drivers.

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I unlocked a love for tough problems solved by elegantly simple products when I was in college. My advisor had introduced me to the field of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI). I then furthered my education at Carnegie Mellon for a Masters in HCI, which set the foundation for my career.

Since then, I’ve designed products in a variety of industries. I helped launch a company focused on the fashion discovery experience. I spent some great years at IBM Research, where we prototyped opportunities for initiatives like drones in farming and patient-centered healthcare. Today, I’m working with a team to create a consumer-quality experience for truck drivers and operations workers.

My favorite days are the ones where my team and I take advantage of our user research, whiteboard through a problem, and create a prototype that’s in the hands of people a week later.

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